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Abnur the killer robot

Real Name: Abnur

Height: 15ft

Member of Gauntlet

Abnur is an assassin robot with a disturbingly friendly approach. He always speaks to his targets with utmost manners and almost charm.

Abnur is armed with long metal cables and two metal orbs that fly from his shoulders. He is also capable of energy blasts but seldom uses them. The stranger thing about Abnur is that he has a soul. Very little is known about the effects of this, but it is possible there is much more to Abnur than anyone realizes (even his team).

Abnur has motion detecters that make it very hard to sneak up on him, but several heroes have still managed this.

Abnur's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 7 END: 8 SPE: 5 AGL: 4 MNT: 6