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Anhur of Ankhforce

Semal Hachek and his partner, Jimain Serian (who became Seker) were working on a satellite relay station in space when the Powermid selected them both. Semal became the resemblance of the god of war, Anhur. This is the only time the Powermid has selected two persons at the same time. Both are now members of Ankhforce.

Semal and Jimain were both soldiers of a militant race called, Galaxians. Since becoming Anhur and Seker, the two turned their backs on their military lives for their new purpose serving Destiny. They are sought as deserters.

Semal has always been the muscle of the duo and they remain partners with the new team. As Anhur he's aggressive and more than willing to get into a fight. He's not reckless about it, but definitely has a shorter fuse than his teammates. Semal is a master of weapons combat, munitions, and his race's space age technology that goes with them.

He carries a war spear with a diamond shaped head that glows with the power of the sun. It can fire independant beams at multiple targets, cause earthquakes (by jamming it into the ground), and will return to his hand when thrown. As a thrown weapon it carries a barrier of concussive force that can knock back multiple enemies. Amongst his artifacts he also summons a solar bow and war sword.

Powerankh Maneuver: War God: When summoned, the spirit of Anhur rides through the battlefield in a great chariot surrounded by flames. He creates shockwaves in his wake that hurt all enemies with heavy damage. Some get run over and take even more damage under the spiked wheels and sharpened hooves of the fiery horse that pulls the chariot.

Like the other members his cosmic powers allow him to fly through space, emit energy blasts, see the past of anything he touches, rearrange molecules (limited), and sense lifeforms. With the power of Anhur, he can temporarily alter the damage scale of any weapon to double or half it's intensity. He can also temporarily enhance anyones combat skills or slow them down. Anhur is capable of letting himself go berserk but all friendly forces need to evacuate the area before that happens. Once he goes berserk, he doesn't stop until all enemies are defeated or someone manages to pacify him somehow.

Anhur'sGalaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 8 END: 8 SPE: 6 AGL: 4 MNT: 5

Semal's height was 6ft 6in, as Anhur it's 7 ft.