Ankhameth, Punisher of the Gods

Real name: Unknown

Height: 9 ft 8in

Ankhameth was once an evil and corrupt "general" of the ancient Egyptian empire. Upon his death at the hands of assassins, Seth saw fit to make him the "Punisher of the Gods". His duty was to punish defilers of any god by any means necessary.

After the War of the Gods, he found his purpose confused and went into hibernation to reflect on what he should do next. He was awakened by Red Rhok and Barger accidentally and has since taken up his old ways of punishing. He despises the society of todays world.

Ankhameth also hates Ankhforce and feels they are a blasphemy to the gods he once served.

Ankhameth has two hidden temples; one deep in Tibet and one under the deserts of Egypt. In each temple he guards a wealth of powerful spells and knowledge.

Ankhameth is a true immortal and has powers similar to each of the old Egyptian gods. He can fly through space, teleport over cosmic distances, emit solar energy blasts and literally summon any power of the Egyptian gods he can think of.

He carries two powerful artifacts that obey his commands and can act on their own. The Mace of Punishment and Sceptre of the Pharoahs can attack, defend Ankhameth from any attack, open dimensional doorways, block powers, control magic and prevent any form of illusion or deceipt against their owner. They are considered holy artifacts and are indestructible.

Ankhameth is well known for his rage (amongst the heroes) and it takes very little to prompt him into a fight to the death.

Ankhameth's Galaxy Zento Stats are; STR: 7 END: 7 SPE: 7 AGL: 5 MNT: 5

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