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Anubis of Ankhforce

Ankhforce is a team of cosmic powered heroes selected to have the likeness and powers of various Egyptian gods. The original gods died in the War of the Gods, dated around the time of the Black Death. This was a war that spread out into the universe and gave birth to the god, Chaos.

After Chaos was put away, the balance of good and evil was sorely damaged. The Lord Entity, Destiny met with Thoth and charged him with caring for the center nexus of the balance. In doing so, Thoth created the Powermid, a blue crystal pyramid that hovers while spinning on a single point. The Powermid was set out into the universe to find those worthy of possessing the might of the lost gods and a mantle to serve Destiny as a Herald.

When the Powermid appears, it usually forms a pyramid temple around itself of solid gold. However, it has appeared on it's own a couple of times. The Powermid is indestructible and a holy artifact. Each person selected is given the powers of the deity they get to represent, artifacts of that deity and an ankh with it's own special powers.

The ankh allows each member of the team to summon the original spirit of the god they represent to assist them in a predetermined way. The members call these the PowerAnkh Maneuveres. They can only be used in times of dire need.

The only gods that won't be represented by the Powermid are Seth (who governs the evil side of the balance), Thoth, and Ptah. So far, there are 8 members of Ankhforce (links forthcoming).









All members of Ankhforce are Heralds of Destiny.