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Anubis of Ankhforce

Hakim escaped, a lone survivor, of a terrorist attack only to be lost in the deserts of Egypt. Suffering from exposure and dehydration, he didn't even feel the Cobra bite him when the stumbled onto it. When his face hit the sand, his fate seemed to be decided. That is when the powermid found and chose Hakim to become Anubis.

The first thing he did with his newfound cosmic powers, was to take vengeance against the terrorists who murdered his girlfriend and an entire archeological class. After that, Destiny appeared to him and informed him of his true purpose.

Hakim embraced his new destiny as Anubis and set out to become a hero during a conflict that threatened the Earth as well as the balance of good and evil.

Not only has Hakim found new love, but he never lost his one calling of being a comedian. He had always wanted to be a stand up comedian, and now he uses his sense of humor to unbalance adversaries. As co-leader of Ankhforce with his best friend, Horus, he travels the stars, but is never far from Earth. His love is a woman called Nightfall with the team, Calibur 5 in Florida.

Anubis carries a bladed lance that transforms into a belt and obeys mental commands. His powers allow him to heal wounds, resurrect the recently slain, fly through space, emit energy beams, rearrange molecules with limits, see the past of anything he touches, detect life forms, sense danger through awareness, and use animal senses like those of a real jackal (Anubis has the head of a jackal). He can transform back and forth to his human form, but most often is seen in public as Anubis.

With his powers, Anubis's sense of humor is dangerous to his enemies. He once turned a burglar's pistol into peanut butter just to agitate the thug.

Anubis's Powerankh Maneuver is called Guardian of the Dead: Anubis vanishes from sight and a 100 foot sarcophagus erupts from the ground. It shatters open to reveal the spirit of the original Anubis with his arms crossed over his chest. He waves his arms outward over the area with a sceptre in each hand. Anyone friendly to Anubis is healed or resurrected instantly and any damage that was dealt to them is now dealt to enemies. Then the vision vanishes and the hero Anubis returns.

In addition to all this, Anubis and Horus have both learned to be bards, martial artists, and were proclaimed the Guardians of the Core of Time and Space.

Anubis's Galaxy Zento Stats: Strength: 7/ Endurance: 5/ Speed: 7/ Agility: 4/ Mentality: 5

Hakim is 5ft 11in and as Anubis he is 6ft 4in.