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Real Name: Argloxon

Height: 6ft 4in

Member of the Cyborian Assassin's League


Argloxon is the second in command of the CAL and arch-nemesis to Galose. Argloxon is a relentless machine of killing and goes about it like secondary business of the day.

Argloxon is a time/space/dimensional engineer and has altered some of his weapons to use the advanced technology. He can aim his rifles past armor to hit targets. Argloxon has been known to take on military regiments and destroy them by himself. He's fought PAC and the World Legion by himself on occassion as well.

Argloxon likes to see heroes in bad spots where they have to struggle, especially Galose.

Argloxon's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 7 END: 7 SPE: 6 AGL: 3 MNT: 7