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Bast of Ankhforce

Elven maiden, Sarlesta was chosen by the Powermid to become the likeness of Bast, Cat Goddess while traveling through mid-world (between our world and others).

Sarlesta was already agile and adept in combat as trained by her father. She's a deadly shot with a bow and can make use of anything with an edge. She carries a weapon called the Cat's Claw. It has a golden handle with a heavy golden cat's paw with sharp claws. It works well as a mace and has a retractable dagger that can lengthen itself to a long sword. The cat's paw can also detach on a long cord for snaring or other punishment.

As Bast, Sarlesta has a luck factor that gets in the way of enemy attacks on her and other members of Ankhforce near her. She can emit cosmic energy beams, fly through space, transform back and forth to her original form, see the past of anything she touches, rearrange molecules (limited) and has heightened cosmic senses. She has heightened agility. She also has retractable claws that she paints red with mystically enhanced nail polish. Add a few Elven spells she happens to know and Bast can be deadly.

Sarlesta is actually a sweet and mild lady until crossed. She takes her new position seriously but is very level headed. She's considered the sweetheart of Ankhforce, but don't let that fool you when it comes to combat.

Powerankh Maneuver: Cat Goddess: The spirit of Bast appears and temporarily curses all opponents with bad luck that makes it harder for them to achieve any action they perform. Enemies may fall on their own weapons, or hit each other. Enemies usually think nothing has happened to them after Bast appears, gestures her clawed hand over the area with a flash of light and vanishes, but they soon learn the awful truth.

Bast's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 5 END: 4 SPE: 7 AGL: 6 MNT: 6

Bast is 5ft 11in tall.