Boru of Crusade

Real Name: Boru

Height: 8ft 1in

Member of Crusade.

Boru is a Brakataar and was part of a crew of pirates that abandoned him. Zahl Khan found Boru and took him as a student and part of Crusade.

Boru is a warrior with a pair of two-bit battle axes he weilds simultaneously. He has the power of augment his strength as needed and his body is so dense it acts as its own armor. A large ogre once punched Boru only to break his fingers on Borus nose. Witnesses claimed that his nose didn't bend or move in the slightest.

Boru is still a pirate and follows the beliefs of his people, but he's complete dedicated to Zahl Khan. He considers himself Zahl's personal bodyguard.

Boru's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 7 END: 8 SPE: 4 AGL: 3 MNT: 3

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