Capt Bizarre

Captain Bizarre

Captain Bizarre used to be the greatest scientific mind in the universe.

Race: Galaxian

Height: 6ft 0in

Real Name: Divain Devon

Divain spearheaded reality based technology for his race but things when tragically wrong. During the demonstration of a reality generator that could power planets a coupler failed. There was a terrible explosion of energy that tore fabrics of reality and caught Divain completely. As the blinding lights from the explosion dimmed, Divain was still standing but his demeanor had changed. He had a strange smile on his face and glowed with strange new power. Before anyone could ask him anything, he laughed hysterically and flew away into space. The change made Divain incredibly powerful but also drove him completely insane. As Captain Bizarre, Divain can alter reality at will, but usually with odd random effects because of the insanity he suffers. Others have tried to cure his insanity in the past, but failed. There appears to be no cure.

Captain Bizarre is unpredictable and deadly. He handles combat situations almost effortlessly and like an idiot savant. He is a random force of destruction in the universe that some villains have been able to steer to locations for sinister plots. This forces heroes to deal with the Captain rather than anything else. The Captain also has an odd whimsy about him. He may turn a wall into a pile of wildflowers, or a charging beast into a stuffed animal. He has often changed energy blasts into things like bubbles or glittering lights. Actually hitting Captain Bizarre is difficult but dangerous. He is seldom angered but once harmed, he tends to flip out and take vengeance. He may appear distracted, but that is a dangerous thing to take into account, causing others to underestimate him.

Captain Bizarre has been befriended by the killer Cyborian Renegade, Maniac and the two may appear together.

Captain Bizarre can emit energy blasts with no possibile immunity, withstand high damage, exist in any form of environment to include space and black holes, and then do literally anything he can imagine.

If the Captain is outsmarted or takes enough damage, he will leave and that is the best that most forces can hope for. His unpredictability and random behavior can make him sloppy, but it's hard to catch.

Captain Bizarre's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 4 END: 8 SPE: 7 AGL: 8 MNT: 10

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