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Falconer rescues Princess Shyra

The Chessmen were the Royal Guard of the planet, Chyssia (the true origination of Chess). When their King and Queen were murdered, they had no choice but to flee the planet in order to protect the infant Princess Shyra.

They took their name from someone remarking that they were like "chessmen without a king".

The Chessmen fight to right wrongs done in their solar system and to set things right again. They long only to return home and put the Princess on her rightful throne.

Each of the Chessmen possesses remarkable abilties that aid them in thier tasks. Currently the Chessmen are wanted with several bounties on their heads. Most heroes who get to know them, won't try to collect on these bounties. There are plenty of beings out there who aren't as understanding. Because of this, they are hunted relentlessly and often fighting for their lives.

The member of the Chessmen are:




Reigndale (Daxeon)



Major Xeroh