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Cosmic Star

A Cosmonaut is a being who serves the Lord Entity Cosmos.

A Cosmonaut defends the creations of the universe and assists in building worlds where needed.

Cosmonauts are given powers of; cosmic energy blasts, abiltiy to exist and fly through space, cosmos control, draw power cosmos, cross space teleportation, cosmic healing and augmentations to their strength and speed.

A uniform of the Cosmonauts choice is blessed as armor to protect them from enemies and the dangers of deep space.

Cosmonauts cannot be harmed by elements or environmental factors of any source. As such, they can walk on suns, brave the worst cold, and shrug of environmental weapons such as rocks, lava, etc.

When a Cosmonaut is slain there are chance of three things happening; 1) Cosmos will bring back his servant at double power to punish those who killed that servant, 2) Cosmos will appear himself and punish the assailant(s), 3) Cosmos will be impressed and take the assailant as a replacement. The third is the most fleeting chance.

A notable Cosmonaut is Cosmic Star.

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