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Evolver of Coven

Coven (pronounced koh-ven) is an instellar order that aims to rule the universe and the balance itself. Coven consists of several very powerful characters, each with their own agendas.

Coven aggressively recruits to fill ranks with more powerful beings. There are many rewards offered to working with Coven, but there is always a hidden cost or something sinister lurking behind it all.

Amongst the dues for being with Coven, members are expected to turn in any new artifacts or items of power that they find in the universe. These items are collected as means of growing power for Coven itself. No one is allowed to build for themselves alone. All must be dedicated to Coven.

Coven has a special enforcers group called the Black Coats. Black Coats are empowered specially by the Evolver and are very difficult to hurt. They never tire out either. They wear a black overcoat of some form and specially enchanted sunglasses that see invisible targets, hidden traps, and through deceptions. The overcoat is very strong as armor and proof against armor piercers and all other forms of damage or loss of life.

Everyone who joins Coven is rewarded by being augmented in some way by the Evolver, but she also marks everyone so that their whereabouts are always known.

Another branch of Coven is Desperation Services. A person doens't have to be part of Coven to use DS, but they still have to pay for services with a magical item of some sort. Desperation Services gives clients a business card that will summon help anywhere anytime. The card cannot be taken away and will always appear near it's owner until used for help. You could literally be stripped naked and thrown in a dungeon cell and the card would still be there with you, read to use. DS appears as a butler in a black bowler hat, carrying a silver tray. On that tray is usually either a new card or something to help based on given situations. DS is also Coven's way of spying on people who carry these cards.

Coven has many powerful executives and has made many powerful creatures and characters. Most remain loyal to Coven, but one has not. Gator rebels against Coven and consistently beats any they try to send to him.