General Zarose

General Zarose

The Cyborian Assassin's League is a team of renegade Cyborians that hire themselves out to kill. What they really want to do is overthrow the current Cyborian Government. In the meantime, they are happy to overthrow other smaller worlds leaders to make a new home base for themselves where they see fit.

They have a large Cyborian Wrecker class starcraft they stole and altered. It can cloak itself from other scanning craft, even with cloak breaking technology. It carries extra armor and enhanced weaponry.

The CAL is one of the most dangerous groups loose anywhere in the universe. They even managed to release a "renegade virus" that turned all Cyborians relentlessly evil. This was corrected by several teams of heroes.

Team members are:

General Zarose (leader)

Argloxon (second in command)







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