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The Cyborians are a highly intelligent and scientific race. For many eons they lived in peace on their metallic planet until they were forced to drastic change for survival.

Cyborians are metaloids. Metaloids are beings with organic metallic skin. To look at their faces, you would see two large black eyes and two sets of gill-like slits in a v-shape (like: / \) from the nose area to just above the chin. Their mouths are located under the chin. In this fashion, digestive tract and airway are separate from each other. They speak through the gills,so they can actually talk with their mouth full. They digest their foods with powerful acids. For that matter, their blood is called "metaphoric acid" and is the strongest acid form in the known universe (of Zento). Naturally, Cyborians themselves, are unaffected by acids. In reproduction, Cyborians are A-sexual and each capable of creating offspring.

[1] The race is proud to have one of the highest technology levels possible in Dimensional technology. They perfected the use of linking dimensional pockets, anomolies, and energies to each other for power and tools. For example, they developed a high powered energy called Metron. One tool using this energy is a one ton cannon made for excavations through Cyborus's metal mountains. This massive device is harnessed in an easily carried, wide barreled, rifle shaped device. Because the tool is completely anchored and buffered in a dimensional anomoly inside the rifle, it's power can be fully used, hand held, with no kick back.

Being peaceful, the never thought twice about building a military until the Rotanians came along and nearly wiped them out. Because of the severity of damage and dwindling numbers of their race, they Cyborians took drastic action. They had all adult citizens bonded to multi-dimensional combat armor. That's right, it never comes off. Never again, would their race be defenseless.

[2] Cyborian armor is formed to the scanned personality of it's wearer to maintain individuality. The armor itself, carries hundreds of computers and programs to maintain it in every way. Because the wearer is actually in another dimension attached to the armor, they are very hard to hurt. Past that, all manner of weaponry is capable of extending from nearly any surface of the armor. It's common to find a Cyborian armed with laser cutters in their optics and all manner of rifles, cannons and small missile launchers extendable from their arms, legs, and torso (front and back). The armor can cloak itself, fly through space, teleport from planet to planet, and link to or decipher any lesser technology they come across. Enough damage to the armor or it's total destruction, will kill the host. Still, that's no easy feat.

[3] The armor comes in different sizes because of the personality traits scanned. Some Cyborians or as much as 50 feet tall. The Cyborian Overlord is as tall as the Sears tower. Larger Cyborians are given purposes to match their size, such as construction or anti-enemy starcraft details.

There is one drawback. A rare side effect of the bonding process is criminal insanity. This created the renegades, dangerous beings who could be anywhere. Most of them are wanted for reprogramming to try and correct the side effect. Some have to be destroyed.

[4] Despite all their armor's abilities, Cyborians also created a fleet of star ships. These are huge craft with just as many capabilities of the armor itself. The Wrecker class is the largest of these powerful ships.