Dark McGreary

Dark McGreary, Black Leprechaun

Real Name: Dark McGreary

Height: 3ft

While Leprechauns are a standard of 8 inches tall, Dark prefers to be a giant amongst his own kind. It has been mentioned that size can also vary amongst Leprechaun families. Either way, Dark's size is misleading.

Dark is a Black Leprechaun and they typically roam the universe causing tragedies and creating bad luck. They are important to the balance and ruled by Karma.

Dark has broken away from Karma's rule and become a deadly force of his own. He's a combination Death Demon and Warlord of Chaos. He can use any power in the known universe and some that aren't. He seldom uses weapons because of his vast power limits, but has two small flaming pots of gold that are very dangerous. The pots can lauch armor piercing gold weapons that deal heavy damage.

Dark is a grand manipulator and has caused universe-wide events to occur. No one knows what made the scar on Dark's face, but it's assumed no one wants to meet anything that powerful.

Dark McGreary's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 10 END: 10 SPE: 10 AGL: 10 MNT:10

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