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Reigndale and Daxeon

Real Name: Daxeon

Height: 7ft 6in

Eyes: Dark Blue

Hair: Dark blue

Body: Very muscular and broad

Age appears to be around 35-40

When ever Stark Reigndale is killed in battle, there is a great explosion and he is replaced with Daxeon, the blue angel. Not just any blue angel, he is of the Angelic race called Vengor. The Vengor Angels believe in battle and vengeance.

Daxeon appears with great blue wings and even a blue diamond broadsword that glows. Daxeon is one of the strongest beings in his area of the universe and is almost unstoppable in battle. When he appears, he does it in such a rage that he causes a "fearshock" affect and many will run in terror on sight of him.

At times, theChessmen have had to intervene and stop Daxeon because he didn't realize the battle was over.

Daxeon's sword can emit powerful blue flames and he can also throw blue lighting. Once a battle is over, Daxeon reverts to a living, though weakened, Reigndale.

Daxeion's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 8 END: 9 SPE: 5 AGL: 5 MNT: 2