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Death Demons serve Death and send him souls of the slain. Most often, many of them do the slaying themselves. They are chosen to take on population control across the universe in what ever way they see fit. Most of them are assassins for hire; others are psychotic killers.

These servants are considered to be clergy's of Death and may pray to Death for assistance. If they are successful, the results can be devastating. Sometimes, Death is merely annoyed and the idea backfires.

Each servant gets a weapon of their choice blessed to do mystical damage and considered a holy weapon. Only a Death Demon may hold their weapon without penalty of severe injury to life force. Because of this, many Death Demon's enjoy pulling a stab and release move. By leaving their weapon stuck in their target, the weapon deals its penalty damage to the person its stuck in.

Death Demons are True Immortals and can only be permanently slain by another true immortal. If this happens, there is a good chance that Death will claim the victor to replace his lost servant.

Death Demons have supernatural powers to exist in space, teleport long distances, absorb life force, and emit supernatural energy blasts. Some may have other powers to include, flight, racial powers, or travel through shadows. Death Demons have augmented combat abilities to make them more efficient killers. They are also given blessed armor in what ever form they choose.

Notable Death Demons:

Gravedigger, Duke Skie, The Chauffer, The Hearse, Hamal: The Black Scorpion, Boston Masters, and Dark McGreary.

Shown in illustration is Gravedigger.