Demon Jack

Demon Jack

Real Name: Carter Henderson

Height: 6ft 8in (as Demon Jack)

Carter was out tending his neighborhood garden when struck by a meteorite of unknown origin. The meteorite carried the remains of an reality based demon. The explosion merged Carter with the demon and several plants in his garden.

Carter is a humble and peaceful man, terrified of what he's become. As Demon Jack he's violent and cruel, taking what he wants where ever he wants. Demon Jack can be turned back to Carter, but that is very difficult to do. The demon always seems to return.

As Demon Jack, Carter is armed with lashing vines and venomous thorns. He can emit the high energy based fire from his mouth, nose and eyes. He can also control and demonize plantlife. Reality based energy is the strongest form there is, so his fire melts through almost everything.

Demon Jack's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 5 END: 6 SPE: 3 AGL: 5 MNT: 3

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