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Real Name: Unknown

Height: 11ft 6in

Member of the Cyborian Assassin's League

Member of the Foundation


Electrodius was created to hunt down renegades. He was given special cables that bind and shut down Cyborian armor. Unfortunately he went renegade. Electrodius travels a lot and works with several villains. He'll do almost anything so long as he gets to be destructive and cause loss of life. It is thought that his going renegade may have been family hereditary since he is Maniac's brother.

Electrodius's cables can reach targets up to 30 yards away with incredible accuracy. The don't just hurt Cyborian's either and are his favorite weapons. Electrodius also has power over magnetic fields.

Electrodius's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 8 END: 8 SPE: 6 AGL: 2 MNT: 6