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Cosmic Star

Environauts serve Mother Nature and protect her creations and all forms of live in all stages of creation.

Environauts are given the powers of a Lord class Elemental (power over all elements in any form or combined form) at a cosmic level. They may fly through space, emit sun rays or energy blasts of any elemental type (even through the power of magnetic fields). They can control weather and cause elemental cataclysms. They can commune with creatures and even command some of them. They can summon lesser elementals to aid them as well.

The most powerful Environauts can create genetic living storms that will do as the Environaut commands. Cyclone is Mother Nature's oldest son and commands all Environauts. He is capable of the living storms.

If an Environaut is slain there is a good change that Mother Nature will punish the assailant. However, it is very difficult to kill an Environaut anywhere but in space or on a dead planet as they draw strength from any living world they stand on.

Cosmic Star is a notable Environaut (but he cannot form living storms).

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