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Falconer and Sersi

Real name: Dar Macabon

Height: 6ft 2in

Eyes: Blue that can change shade based on emotion. Hair: White.

Body: Average muscular

Age appears to be around 40

Falconer is the stoic leader of the Chessmen. His number one priority is to the life and future of his princess. Falconer is dedicated, probably more than anyone on his team and his teammates look up to him.

Falconer is a Lord Class Elemental, meaning that he can summon or control any element or combination of elements. This includes weather patterns. Falconer can fly, but cannot exist in space without assistance or support equipment. He is mystically bonded with the magical falcon, Sersi. This is what earned him the name, Falconer on Chyssia. Falconer consideres Sersi a teammate and friend, not a pet or object owned. That is a fact he quickly corrects anyone on if Sersi doesn't do it first.

Falconer is inquisitive and prefers to learn all he can before fighting if possible. Unfortunately, events since being forced to flee Chyssia have sorely put that to the test.

Falconer's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 3 END: 7 SPE: 4 AGL: 4 MNT: 5

Falconer can create large forms of earth and rock that defy his personal strength and may lift far greater amounts.