Real Name: Zahnis

Height: 7ft 5in

You have to admit, a Teri-Moor warlord makes for a great strongman act. Add in the power to teleport and mastery in all sorts of combat and you get a killer for sure. Four-Score can wipe out a large number of security personnel in seconds. He's also a military strategist capable of out-thinking any human security force on Earth. Four-Score has also gotten into many a hero's path while the rest of the team escaped. Since Four-Score can teleport from planet to planet, he could also easily escape once his team was clear. His main reason for being with the team is his rage. Four-Score is angry with his own race for stopping their war with the Orcanians. The last thing he wanted was peace with a race he hates. He would kill Orcanian targets for free, but Showmaster won't allow it.

Fourscore has the Teri-Moor ability to teleport at long distances, has extreme agility and balance, and high strength limits. He's a grandmaster of four-armed combat with all sorts of weaponry. He is also highly adept at fighting "scorpion style" with his tail.

Fourscore's Galaxy Zento Stats are; STR: 7 END: 6 SPE: 4 AGL: 6 MNT: 4

Carnival of Fear

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