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Argas and Ojo

The original team consisted of Argas, Ojo, and Jaman who fought for their lives in space arenas. They were slaves to an interstellar bloodsport organization who called themselves, “the Gamers”. The Gamers underestimated Argas’s strategic genius and the three friends escaped during a bloody riot. The Gamers seek revenge to this day.

Moved by their experiences, the three friends decided to form a team to stand against oppressors and other victimizing types across the stars. While they expect to be paid, they have a tendency to accept various forms of trade or just whatever a client can afford. Because of this, the team has a hidden base where they have livestock, tools, weapons, and a vault of odd items given to them. If a threat is particularly evil enough and threat to enough innocent people, they will do the job for free. They also will challenge the Gamers for free because the Gamers have a tendency to raid villages and resort to kidnapping.

Since their escape and formation of the team, several others have joined up, making the Free Agents a truly formidable force.

The members of the Free Agents are:

Argas Metrax (seen in picture)

Ojo (seen on Argas's shoulder)