The Gator

The Gator

Real Name: Jed Elijah Jones

Height: 14ft

Jed was a peaceful old man living out in the Southern Louisiana swamps. He was abducted by scientists of Coven who expiramented on him with current and prehistoric reptile dna. As a result, Jed became the Gator.

As the Gator, all Jed really wants is to be left alone, but that never seems to work out. He's something of a reluctant hero and loves his swamps. He takes particular enjoyment in scaring away people who dump trash or harm the environment. This has run him afoul of some criminal enterprises like Syndicate Oil (owned by Monolith).

Gator rebelled against Coven for what they did to him and refuses to serve them.

Gator is impossibly strong and capable of dealing tremendous damage with fist, claws, and tail. Even his jaws and teeth are more than a match for the metal hull of military craft. He can also swim at nearly a hundred miles an hour and stay under water for days on end. Gator never seems to get tired. His skin is highly armored and very little physical force does any damage. If something does manage to hurt him he regenerates in fairly short order. His roar has been known to throw average sized people several yards.

On land he's slow, but a heavy tank in all over ways.

The Gator's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 9 END: 9 SPE: 3 AGL: 2 MNT: 1

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