Guardians are servants of Thoth and work for the preservation of the balance from the neutral axis. The especially exist to stop Chaos and any servants he employs.

To be a Guardian one must forsake all racial ties and allegiances and have their powers completely reformed (if they had any). The only allegiance they are allowed is to the balance and defense from Chaos.

Guardians have cosmonatural (cosmic and supernatural) powers of energy blasts, equal/opposition, true immortality, and cosmos control. They can exist in any form of terrain or lack thereof. They cannot be affected by any form of magic or alteration abilities (to include altering reality). Higher blessed artifacts will still hurt them.

Being true immortals and servants of a god, a Guardian can kill a Death Demon with no penalty from Death. The same holds true the opposite way. Guardians may not fight each other or oppose each other in any way.

Guardians are given golden armor that hides most of their features and is extremely powerful.

All of a Guardians Galaxy Zento Stats are brought up to a minimum of 8.

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