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Real Name: Sovo Nurin (forgotten due to amnesia)

Height: 6ft 9in (usually crouched)

Eyes: Green

Hair: none

Build: Very muscular with 4 arms, 3 eyes, and a thick prehensile tail.

Age appears to be around 35-40.

Helshred is a Teri-Moor and doesn't remember anything of his past. He doesn't remember that he was once a great commander for his tribe. On a mission he was framed by a menace called, the Heretic of Sunaki, for conspiring with the enemy. His punishment was to be banishment with gauntlets of shame forever attached over his hands. No one has been able to remove them.

On the way to the place of banishment, called Helshred by the Teri-Moors, Sovo attacked the crew of the ship. The ship spun out of control into airspace of Chyssia. Before they could crash, the crew managed to throw Sovo out where he hit his head on the wing of the craft and fell to a rocky mountainside. Presumed dead, the crew left him there.

Falconer of theChessmen found Sovo lying on the mountainside barely alive. He rescued the Teri-Moor and had the medical staff of the royal palace bring him back to health. Sovo could only say Helshred for longest time, so the name has stuck. He has no memory of being Sovo. Helshred has since regained some rudimentary communication skills. He walks in a low crouch, but moves very fast with is Teri-Moor agility and four arms. He has a permanent scar on his head where he hit the wing of the ship.

Helshred is dedicated to Falconer and would give his life for the man if necessary. It's been hard on Helshred as most people cringe in fear at the sight of him. His odd tendency to click the blades of his gauntlets together while murmuring his name doesn't help that.

Helshred has limited teleportation abilities (unlike the long range abilities of the rest of his race) and high agility. He's become very adept at using his indestructible blades in combat from almost any angle. Helshred is a fierce protector of teammates and the Princess of Chyssia.

Helshred's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 3 END: 5 SPE: 4 AGL: 5 MNT: 2