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Heralds of Destiny are servants of the Lord Entity, Destiny and work to maintain the balance and paths of fate. The most notable Heralds are the members of Ankhforce.

Each person made into a Herald is gifted with cosmic scale powers. They can fly through space, emit energy beams, rearrange molecules (Iimited), see the past of anything they touch, and sense issues like danger, life forms, power and energy levels. They can even track energy signatures if they are recent enough. Other powers will vary depending on the person (usually because they already had powers when they were chosen).

The limited scale on rearranging molecules is to protect the balance from overcompensation. This way, a Herald can't just make a mountain into solid gold because a country is in a financial crisis. Each time they attempt molecular feats, there is a chance it won't work because of the position of the balance of good and evil. Most minor uses of the power are successful (such as repairing a broken pieceof equipment or sealing a hole in a wall or healing a person).

Heralds like the members ofAnkhforce are always on the side of good, but there are those who could be on either side, or mostly evil. No matter what they do, however, they must obey the calling of Destiny when ever it occurs. This can put characters who were at odds on the same side for a given mission. Heralds may face each other at any other time.