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Horus of Ankhforce

Keitro was one of the center guards for the Core of Time and Space. Through the Core, Keitro saw a strange energy in real time and went to investigate. He found the powermid and it chose him on the spot, changing him into Horus, the Avenger. This took him away from the Core until he returned with Anubis later on.

Because everything at the Core has it's own balance, Keitro's opposite counterpart, Ortiek, also gained strange powers and became the Bio-Negative Man. Ortiek hates Keitro and wants to kill him for this, even though Keitro had no control over the events.

The Core people are the oldest people to ever be, and Horus is older than anyone in real time. Whenever some villain or anyone mentions their great age, Horus gives a sly chuckle. He never gives his age away however. Very few select friends or enemies know that he's as old as he is.

Horus takes great pleasure in the use of humor he learned from his best friendAnubis. The two of them have mastered a duo comedian and combat routine that floors friend and foe alike. One of their favorite moves is called "Throw your buddy". It usually involves Horus holding onto the end of Anubis's bladed lance and being flung at an enemy. They have been referred to as "the bobbsy twins of Galaxy Zento" more than once. They are also the co-leaders of Ankhforce. They are also bards, martial artists, and the Guardians of the Core of Time and Space. When ever the Powermid chooses a new person, Anubis and Horus both try to find that person and enlist them to the team.

Horus's powers all him to fly through space, emit energy beams, triple his combat damage for a short time (against evil only), heal wounds, rearrange molecules (limited), control sound decibels, and read the past of anything he touches.

His weapon is a sonic sword that can vibrate through almost anything and returns to his hand on command.

Horus's Powerankh Maneuver is called, The Avenger: If Horus is severely wounded he can summon the spirit of the true Horus. The spirit flies through the area at sonic speed leaving a wake of flames and sound wave damage to all enemies. Damage is equal to that which Horus has taken in the fight.

Horus's Galaxy Zento Stats: Strength: 7/ Endurance: 5/ Speed: 7/ Agility: 5/ Mentality: 8

As Keitro, he's 5ft 9in tall, but as Horus he's 6ft 1in tall.

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