Real Name: Obscured by Cyborian History

Height: 8ft 6in

Judgment was one of the first Cyborians to be bonded with the dimensional armor. He was also going to be the first Overlord. Judgment went beyond being bonded to the armor, he wanted more power to end the war with the Rotanians. It is only known that he found that power, but not where. The power was far too much and made Judgment indestructible.

Having given himself the name Judgment, he also decided that he was the judge of worlds. While the rest of the Cyborians and the new Cyborian Overlord ended the war, Judgement started traveling from planet to planet judging any intelligent life he found.

If Judgment decides that the people of a world have "failed" to meet some cosmic expectation (that no one understands) he proceeds to kill everyone on that world. He is armed with weapons called Catalyst beams that are extremely destructive and lethal. Even other Cyborian armor is of little protection against it. Several races had to assist in locking Judgment away, but he has escaped on two occassions.

Judgment is considered a living artifact and it completely indestructable.

Judgment's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 10 END: 10 SPE: 9 AGL: 5 MNT: 10

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