Lord Harp

Lord Harp of House of Paradien, Arconia

The House of Paradien represents nobility and law on Arconia

The birds here look like falcons, ospreys and eagles. Royalty come to this house to learn the laws of Arconia, and ways of nobility. No youth may take official status of a house without their lessons in each royal area. This house also enforces trials over Arconia's laws and metes out punishment for serious offenses. Even the King may have to face Paradien, but only by unanimous ruling of each of the five houses. Pictured here is the current Lord of the house, Lord Harp. He's holding the scales of guilt and innocence. Facing those scales makes a trial very short indeed.

Lord Harp is a strict leader who expects everyone to follow Arconia's laws to the letter. His is the only house that could hold the King accountable for wrong doing of any kind. King Falcon comes from the house of Paradien and has never run afoul of his own house.

Lord Harp has all the abilities of a noble (wings of fire and lightning and sonic shriek).

Lord Harp stands 7ft 6in tall.

Lord Harp's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 7 END: 5 SPE: 6 AGL: 5 MNT: 8

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