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Lord Owl of the House of Kasau-Ki, Arconia

The House of Kasau-Ki represents warriors, ways of defense and honor onArconia. The birds here look like kestrels, hawks, and owls. This is where royals are taught how to fight with their wings and cosmic powers. Yes, they have cosmic powers. Arconians are quite adept in using several tactics and archaic (enchanted) weaponry. Arconia uses no technology. They have powers and magics that take care of all they need. This house developed diving attacks and the use of another potent weapon; the Arconian war shriek. King Falcon's shriek and shatter some of the strongest metals in the universe. Interestingly enough, Arconian usually only needs one protective force to keep invaders away; the King. Each King of Arconia is gifted with great power and considered to be the god and protector of the people. For this reason, Arconians practice what they call, Monarch Worship. The King is God to the Arconians. In the picture you see Lord Owl with his mystical sword.

Lord Owl constantly works to rebuild the honor of his House he believes Lord Kestrel damaged. No matter how much King Falcon tells him he doesn't need to, it remains a mission (mostly because Lord Kestrel defeated him soundly in an attempted coup). Lord Owl is a fierce combatant and strict teacher in all ways of Arconian combat ability.

Lord Owl stands 6ft 9in and his Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 6 END: 5 SPE: 6 AGL: 5 MNT: 7