Lord Yiro

Lord Yiro of the House of Iyson, Arconia

Lord Yiro governs the House of Iyson on Arconia.

The birds of this house look like nightengales (dark black), jays, cardinals, and magpies. Arconians study the Balance of Good and Evil with a watchful eye. They also study the use of powers as much as the use of magic. If you follow the characters of Galaxy Zento, you will see many beings with amazing powers. The House of Iyson studies the use of powers and respects that they have a source in creation all their own. This house also helps write the laws and politics enforced by the House of Paradien.

Lord Yiro has a Staff of Power that can control or use the powers of anyone nearby. Like other nobles, he has wings of fire and lightning and a sonic shriek. Lord Yiro is a serious yet patient Lord. The Lords take time to instruct noble youths in each house and Yiro runs a strict but not overbearing classroom. The Lords also defend the planet in case threat while the King is away.

Lord Yiro stands 6 ft 11 in tall and his Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 3 END: 3 SPE: 4 AGL: 4 MNT: 8

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