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Maestro King of Demons

Real Name: Ronin Xavier Jordain

Height: 6ft 3in

Head of the Jordain Family

Ronin Xavier Jordain used to be a great hero on his world, Seenan. He was loved and praised and always ready to help someone in need. Then his world was invaded by a sorcerer's group called the Sevin Council. With his world in great peril, Ronin set out to find something to defeat the Sevin. The only thing that stood any chance of beating the sorcerers was a book hidden on a desolate island and Ronin found it.

Unfortunately, the book itself was evil and belonged to the god of all demons, Graethmael. A voice shouted out when Ronin picked up the book.

"You may take my book, but to use it you must serve me!"

Ronin took the book anyway and went back to his capital city. He didn't want to use evil to fight evil. But, when he got home, he found his wife dead and children missing. He found bodies littering the streets. He stormed the capital building where the Sevin based themselves and opened the book. He pledged allegiance to Graethmael and cast "blood of the earth".

All of the sorcerers hemmoraged and exploded. Blood flowed down the steps of the capitol and washed over Ronin's boots. From that day, he turned evil. He became a bard of exceptional musical power and magic. He decided that, if he served a demon god, he would be king of the demons as well.

So, with his magic at it's peak as both sorcerer and bard, he went to the current King of the demons and asked him about a place in his court. The King laughed at him and sent him to retrieve a powerful artifact called, the Sphere of Kings. He considered a way to be rid of Ronin. But Ronin got the artifact and used it to kill the King and take over.

Now, he is Maestro, the deadliest villain of Galaxy Zento. He casts spells that mix bardic, alchemy, sorcery and even altering reality (called his Megaspells or Megasorcery). He has a vast castle that heroes get lost in for Maestro's amusement. He makes demonic monsters to wander the halls and you never know where any corner or door may lead you.

Maestro is a sadist and loves to torture victims for amusement. He is willing to commit acts against entire worlds for this reason. Amongst his crimes he's taken over the universe twice and attempted genocide against the elves. Maestro hates elves for a reason only he knows. Maestro also likes to make deals with people that are usually very tricky and literal in meaning. It's best to avoid Maestro's trickery in this fashion. Major issues with Maestro usually require all of the universe's heroes to band together in order to stop him.

Maestro's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 6 END: 7 SPE: 6 AGL: 5 MNT: 10