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Jonathon "Stormy" Knight

Minions of Seth serve the god Seth who governs over the evil side of the balance. Their job is to uphold the evil side by way of evil deeds and anything else required by their master.

Minions have supernatural powers that enhance what they already are. Other abilities and powers can vary greatly. All of them are mystical in orgins after becoming Minions.

Each Minion has a blessed weapon with special attributes of various mystical abilities. The most common is the reversal ability that can be used against any form of ranged attack or spell. Weapons also have three different spells that are tailored to the minion.

Notable Minions are; The Bagman, Monolith, Jonathon "Stormy" Knight, Mr. Wicked, The Serpent, Silver Crow, and the Hypnotist.

Picture shows Jonathon "Stormy" Knight