Mother Nature is the Lord Entity and existence of life across the universe.

Without Mother Nature, nothing can be born or grow. All things that carry a lifeforce, have it because of her.

Mother Nature can command plants and creatures of any kind to do her bidding. She also has special servants called Environauts who go to set balances straight where Nature is concerned on any world. Excessive attacks on natural environment can cause Nature to lash back in a number of ways. Weather based cataclysms are the most common form of lashback, but creature attacks and the work of Environauts happen too.

Mother Nature always appears as a beautiful dark haired woman in a flowing dress with flowers and green vines. The dress's color may indicate Nature's mood and should be watched. White or green are fairly safe colors, but red or black are very dangerous.

If anyone is foolish enough to attack Mother Nature, there is a high chance that her sons, the Four Horsemen will appear to punish the offender. More about the Lord Entities under True Gods. Environaut.

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