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Real Name: Stephanie Debeau

Height: 5ft 9in

Member ofCalibur 5

Honorary member of Ankhforce

Nightfall has limited neural control powers. She can cause mental blackouts on people by touching them. This usually results in unconsciousness but sometimes, only amnesiac traits and confusion. On those who are weak willed or of lesser strength than herself, she can control the actions of their bodies.

Nightfall is the love interest of Anubis of Ankhforce, which also allies their two teams often.

Stephanie was recruited to Council Interpol by a visiting alien and left with him to train off Earth for several years. She met Anubis when her team came to Earth on a serious mission.

Nightfall's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 3 END: 4 SPE: 3 AGL: 3 MNT: 4