GalaxyZento Wiki

Argas and Ojo

Real Name: Ojo

Height: 6in

Member of theFree Agents

Ojo is a Charak. The Charak are a race of people about 5 to 6 inches tall. They have a variety of artifacts to protect themselves and most are adept sorcerers. Ojo is no exception. Ojo stays on Argas’s shoulder (which is amazing in combat) and supports the team with a variety of powerful spells. He mostly does healing magics with a few well-placed energy bolts, but he’s stood his ground against the likes of Maestro by himself. He makes great use of his race’s artifacts, such as the atomic marble. You guessed it, BOOM. Ojo is a bit of a joker and his sense of humor gets inappropriate at times. Argas taught Ojo to count on others underestimating him and to use that as a weapon.

Ojo's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 1 END: 2 SPE: 1 AGL: 3 MNT: 8