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Osiris of Ankhforce

Marvin Hauck was a man in a wheelchair, beaten with a sledgehammer and left for dead by small town bullies. The powermid appeared to him (for the first time without its temple) and turned him into Osiris.

Marvin was about to take vengeance on the the bullies when Anubis andHorus intervened and took him to teach him a new path. As Osiris he's the youngest member of the team and still has much to learn. Teammates of Ankhforce have taken turns teaching him how to use his cosmic powers and to fight.

Marvin has an innocence to him thatIsis admires. Even Ra takes to Marvin's simple ways, but believes him to be very naive.

As Osiris he can fly through space, emit energy blasts, control plants, communicate with animals, rearrange molecules (limited), and directly affect a target's lifeforce in various ways. He can even resurrect the dead as much as 24 hours later, and heal wounds to the point of reforming lost limbs.

Powerankh Maneuver: Lord of the Underworld: This has become literally the most fearsome of all the team for it's destructive power. The ground beneath enemies feet crumbles and ignites to flames and they are lifted into the air on the giant spirit hand of the true Osiris. Osiris's face appears above them laughing loudly as he brings his other hand smashing down on them for heavy damages. Osiris used this for the first time against a horde of vampires and killed them all.

Osiris's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 7 END: 8 SPE: 6 AGL: 4 MNT: 3

Marvin's human form is 5ft 5in tall, but as Osiris he's 7ft even.

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