Post Mortem

Post Mortem

Real Name: Unknown

Height: 5ft 11in

He is a corrupted and tainted Tibetan monk. As a mystical undead, Post Mortem is hard to contend with. He's Showmaster's "big gun" capable of more death than even Antimatter. Post Mortem has the power to drain the life force of anything around him at as far as 100 yards in any direction. Once he's done this, he can convert that life into supernatural energy blasts. If defeated in combat, all anyone has to do is sacrifice a drop of blood on what ever remains of Post Mortem and he's back again. Post Mortem handles collections on clients who fail to pay. The only thing Post Mortem can't do, is change his appearance, even with magic. Some think this is because of some form of curse.

Post Mortem unleashed on targets of the Carnival of Fear when mass panic or body counts are required to cover escape of the team. Post Mortem is more than happy to work his powers whether needed or not. Even Showmaster is careful where to set Post Mortem loose. Once out and taking life, it's very difficult to stop Post Mortem.

Post Mortem's Galaxy Zento Stats are; STR: 5 END: 8 SPE: 2 AGL: 1 MNT: 7

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