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Ra of Ankhforce

No one knows Ra's true race, nor will he reveal it. He never shares how the powermid chose him to be the sun god, no matter how much Anubis and Horus annoy him about it. Ra's very timeline is veiled for unknown reasons. While that creates mystery, Ra's allegiance is never in question. What they do know is that Ra was the first chosen by the powermid.

Ra is the most serious member of Ankhforce, often grim and humorless. Jokes fromAnubis andHorus are ignored except for an occassional shake of Ra's head. When asked why he's not the leader of the team (because of being Ra) he states that it is Anubis and Horus's destiny to lead.

Ra is also considered to be the wisest member of the team with visionary skills. When strategic thought is needed for a crisis, it's Ra they turn to. He has an analytical sense that can get disturbing at times.

As Ra, he emits cosmic sun bolts and commands fire and flames. He can fly through space, rearrange molecules better than the rest of the team, see the past of anything he touches and the future of half the things he touches, has vast awareness that may reveal anything he needs to know, absorb solar power and there are a great many things that no one knows he can do yet.

Powerankh Maneuver: Sun Barge: The spirit of the true Ra appears in his barge high over the battlefield. He summons a ray of sunfire that deals heavy damage to all targets of evil alignment.

Ra's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 6 END: 6 SPE: 7 AGL: 5 MNT: 9

Ra is 6ft 1in tall.