Reigndale and Daxeon

Real Name: Stark Reigndale

Height: 5ft 11in

Eyes: Green.

Hair: Blonde and military cut.

Body: Somewhat thick and muscular, military shape.

Age appears to be around 40.

Reigndale was a decorated officer of the forces of Amnath. He was sent to work with the Royal Guard as a token of appreiciation within their Federation of worlds.

When the Royal Guard had to leave Chyssia and Stark found out that Amnath was involved, it was a great shock to him. He vowed to make them pay in any way possible.

Reigndale is a highly skilled soldier and marksman. He can handle nearly any form of high tech weaponry and some of the archaic as well. In times of dire need, there is one more ace up Reigndale's sleeve.

No one knows how Reigndale became bonded (to the point of sharing bodies) with a Vengor Angel but the results speak for themselves. See Daxeon.

Reigndale only shifts to Daxeon in an explosion of blue flames, smoke and lightning if he is killed. When the battle is over, Daxeon reverts to a weakened Reigndale. This appears to make Reigndale immortal.

Reigndale is considered the second in command of the Chessmen and often pairs himself with Helshred.

Reigndale's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 2 END: 3 SPE: 2 AGL: 2 MNT: 3

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