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Real Name: Rugro

Height: 12ft 6in

Member ofLast of Their Kind

Rugro is the last of the Gotheron people whose icy planet was destroyed by Maniac. After finding himself on a ship instead of being dead, he was enslaved and kept as a pet by a female space pirate. Rugro is mild mannered and it took meetingthe Sphere to make him stand up for himself. Even with that, Rugro is afraid of Cyborians.

Humans mistake him for the legend of Bigfoot, but he has nothing to do with that.

Rugro has ice breath colder than nitro. He's also strong and resistent to physical harm. Bullets are useless against him.

Rugro's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 7 END: 6 SPE: 4 AGL: 2 MNT: 2