Seker of Ankhforce

Jimain Cerian was Semal Hachek's partner, working on a sattelite relay station when the two of them were selected by the Powermid. Jimain became Anhur, and Semal became Seker, God of light. Read Anhur's page for more about their relationship and this origin. Both are members of Ankhforce.

As Seker, Jimain moves at the speed of light, emits energy beams, can rearrange molecules (limited), flies through space, can read the past of anything he touches, and can sense life forms and danger. Seker cannot be decieved by any source. No illusion affects him and he can tell when someone lies instantly. He carries the Mace of Truth that emits disintigration beams and can destroy illusions. There is no known protection from his lie detection ability.

Jimain, like his partner, is an expert in the ways of a Galaxian soldier. He has hand to hand and weapons proficiency as well as knowledge of munitions and star craft weaponry. Jimain is a starship engineer. Thanks to his new found speed, he makes a terrific high speed hacker.

Powerankh Manuever: God of Light: He summons the spirit of Seker who standing forty feet over the tallest enemy. He emits an area effect blinding light that destroys all illusions and strips all negative status ailments and curses from friends to give to all enemies instead. Enemies are blinded temporarily blinded and they take moderate damage. This also removes any protective spells that enemies have on themselves.

Seker's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 5 END: 7 SPE: 9 AGL: 7 MNT: 5

Seker is 6ft 1in tall.

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