Red Rhok

Red Rhok the Starknight

Starknights serve the Crimson King and the good side of the balance. Their duty is to hold evil at bay and do good deeds throughout the universe.

Starknights are given cosmic powers to include energy blasts and ability to exist in space. Other powers may vary, but all will be cosmically enhanced. All Starknights can teleport across galaxies.

All Starknights are given armor and a star sword. The armor is blessed against all forms of damage. The sword has a pair of four pointed stars that it can launch either as an attack or distress beacon. It is possible to earn a shield and loin cloth with extra defense and attacks.

Starknights get an enchanted white animals companion of their choice that will stay with them, fight for them, and even heal them if needed. The animal cannot die unless the Starknight does (past that they are indestructible).

Notable Starknights are; Red Rhok, Lonestar, Galetoia Yuvon, Celestia, Blue Knight, and Tera Rizer.

Picture shows Red Rhock with his companion, an Orcan Warscorpion.

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