Real name: Talacheck

Height: 6ft 6in

Member of the Free Agents

Another quiet member of the team is Talachek. He will speak more often than Jaman but prefers to remain unheard and almost unknown. His power is control any magical item or artifact within 50 yards. This won’t work on blessed items, but that hardly matters with all the enchanted weapons enemies like to bring to a fight. Talachek mentally rips the weapons right out of enemy hands and commands them to go on the attack. Talachek protects his true identity with his helmet that never comes off, if he can help it. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he is a demon or especially what kind. Talachek follows the god of Dragons, Zanakar and has a few powers like a dragon as well. When asked about them, Talachek mentioned he preferred commanding some fool’s enchanted armor to run them off a cliff.

Talachek's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 6 END: 6 SPE: 6 AGL: 4 MNT: 8

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