The Chemist

Real Name: Ernest Wallberry

Hgt: 5ft 9in

Furious over the loss of his government job (due to a period of downsizing), Ernest decided to take his vengeance on society. As the Chemist, he's a political zealot, terrorist, thief, and murderer.

Ernest is a chemical genius and has alien technology fused with his creations. He can duplicate the effects of almost anything a power or spell can do through his chemical mixes.

For his chemical weapons, he carries a tank on his back that has been enchanted against damage. He also carries a variety of chemical grenedes. His protective suit is a barrier against anything he makes and is strong enough to serve as bodyarmor versus most bullets.

The Chemist's Galaxy Zento Stats are; STR: 1 END: 2 SPE: 1 AGL: 2 MNT: 3

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