The Sphere

Real Name: Mitra

Height: 2ft

Leader of Last of Their Kind

The Sphere is considered to be the last Gonglorian. Gonglorians were cosmic energy beings with powerful inellectual minds.

The Sphere can "see" in every direction at once and can't be physically snuck up on. He also doesn't percieve "sight" the same as humans or others who use eyes. Invisibility or cloaking is useless against him unless of a powerful and mystical source tailored to avoid him.

The Sphere is a hyper-intellect and can learn anything to mastery in seconds. His purpose is for knowledge more than application. That doesn't mean he can't fight however and he can geometrically shape his body for any combat purpose. He's formed himself into things like a giant golf club or baseball bat, even a blast cannon. In his natural form he can fire point point energy beams at up to a hundred targets effectively.

As an energy being, Sphere can phase through solid objects. If he does this to a living being, he can possess them for a short time.

Maniac destroyed the Gonglorians by making their sun go supernova.

The Sphere's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 1 END: 8 SPE: 9 AGL: 9 MNT: 10

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