Paradox n Lucky

Paradox and Lucky

Time Rangers serve the Lord Entity, Time and protect all laws of time. Time Rangers track down and stop time criminals and any who would violate the laws and pathways of time.

Time Rangers are given the power to travel all of time and space instantly. They have an array of time based powers to include pausing time, moving faster through time than others, and enhancements to their own powers, whatever those may be. They can detect paradoxes, see the future or past of anything they touch, and draw power through time.

If a Time Ranger is slain, there is a small chance that Time himself will revive the Ranger or punish the assailant. It is even more likely that more Rangers will be sent after the assailant for their crimes.

Time Rangers carry blessings on themselves and any weapons they use that act like enhancements and armor.

A notable Time Ranger is Paradox who is bonded to a drunken green Leprechaun (in picture).

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