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Real Name: Jorjinn Quimar

Height: 6ft 4in

Eyes: Unknown, appear to be green with pale green around them.

Hair: none

Body: Average, but encased in Cyborian armor.

Age appears to be about 45.

Jorjinn was an astronaut for the Ruwano people and sent to investigate the energy readings of a newly discovered star. The energy of that star was too much for his ship and disabled it. He was also exposed to the strange energy and his body was dissolving. Ruwano decided their readings were enough not to approach and abandoned Jorjinn.

Jorjinn awoke inside of a metallic shell that he soon found to be armor. He had been rescued by the Cyborians who used their dimensional technology to save him. He now lived on energy and could never take off his armor. He was strongly cautioned that if anything did break through, his new body had become a strange energy virus and could kill the inhabitants of a small planet or more.

At first he wished he were dead. He traveled the universe and discovered he had the power to emit energy through his armor in the form of viruses. Those viruses would do nearly anything he commanded. His travels took him to Chyssia where he found purpose with the Royal Guard.

He now only goes by Viro and is a bitter and sarcastic person, but very trustworthy. Viro never leaves an ally to fend for themself if he is able. He sometimes states he knows what abandonment is like but doesn't expand further.

His viruses take energy and sometimes he must recharge himself by resting and absorbing latent energy around him. So far his viruses have allowed him to control machinery, dissolve substances, alter molecular structures, manipulate energy, alter other peoples powers, heal wounds, and he has yet to find limits. With his armor he can fly through space and has augmented strength. He does not carry the fully science of the Cyborians, but enough to keep him alive and contain him.

Viro's Galaxy Zento Stats are: STR: 4 END: 5 SPE: 3 AGL: 3 MNT: 7

Speed does not take his suit's travel capabilities through space into consideration. He's capable of light speed travel for long distances.


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