Iron Fist

Iron Fist the War Liege

A War Liege is a servant of War (of the Four Horsemen) and is charged with creating wars and battles of all sorts. War Liege's incite violence of all kinds across the galaxy from petty crimes of assault to racial riots and wars. They serve as part of necessary population control across the universe.

War doesn't care if the Liege uses their power for good or evil so there are variations of Liege's.

A Liege may use any weapons or armor at enhanced values and abilities. Many are given a special blessed weapon that will always return to hand and special armor of their choice. Their strength is usually augmented. A War Liege may exist in space and powers vary but all are blessed by War so that nothing may block them.

A notable War Liege is Iron Fist the Celestine (dwarf) shown in picture.

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